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    Gen. Maczek victories Commemorations – Belgian Embassy Gala – November 20th 2019


    November 20th 2019 in Warsaw – Poland

    The Cry of the Mask

    The Dance of Kachinas 

    The Consul of Bordeaux 

    World premiere in Brussels – Belgium




    Film Music suite composed and conducted by Henri Seroka October 5th 2008 at Conservatoire Royal of Brussels

    In god’s little garden

    Alice’s waltz

    U Pana Boga za piecem

    U Pana Boga W Ogrodku

    Love in the year of the tiger

    Title song by Kayah, Composed & produced by Henri Seroka

    Chinese version


    My composition “Ave Maria” with Ewa Nyakas

    My 1st concert in Zabrze Poland in the year of 1999

    Mundial 1986

    Music composed  and  recorded at my studios in 1986

    Eurovision 1984

    Composed & produced by Henri Seroka 

    Pour elle Avanti la vie

    My concert with Karel Wagner Hanna Zagorova and Jacques Zegers in Prague , Tcheslovaquia 1984 at Lucerna theatre

    Music by Henri Seroka & Lyrics by Jacques Zegers

    Les aventures de Spirou

    My song Spirou composed by Henri Seroka and lyrics by Jacques Zegers on ZDF TV in Munich 1983

    1970s – television – Prague/Czechoslovakia
    “Ballade pour ma nuit” & “Ma flemme”

    Musics by Henri Seroka & Lyrics by Christian Arabian