Henri Seroka would like to thank the artists and producers who recorded in my studio New DES corp. :

    Christian Vidal
    Gigi Lionel (“La danse des canards”
    5 million copies sold)
    Henri Seroka
    Philippe Laumont
    Francis Goya et Carmina
    Alain DES
    Brazil Tropical Revue
    Jacques Zegers (1984 Eurovision song Festival,
    Golden Record for “AVANTI LA VIE”)
    Reggie (Rejanne Magloire)
    R.D.0 Etienne Verschuren
    Steph and Hilde
    De Strangers
    Eddy Wally
    Claude Barzotti
    Frank Michael
    Willy Vandewalle
    Guy Raif Trio-Art Farmer
    Johnny Dover
    Willy Mortier
    Burt Blanca
    Paul Michiels R. Kino productions
    Patrick Parker
    Danny Klein (Vaya Con Dios)
    Hugues Navez
    Willy Sommers- quatuor Gaggini
    Magic Platters
    André Lami
    Ricky Burnett
    Carmela Parisi


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