Letter from The Archbishop

    Letter from archeveque Archibishop Kamienski


    Dear Mr Seroka,

    I would like to thank you for inviting me to the pra-premiere of your Work “Credo” that took place on September 10th 2004 at Pomeranian Princes Castle in Szczecin.
    The possibility of attending your concert created a great experience for me, not only artistic, but also spiritual, for your “Credo” recalls the depth of text that for ages establishes the foundation of our religious heritage combined with an interesting melody line which accentuates the very meaning of the text.
    It seems by dedicating your work to your late Father you wanted to lead your audience to the transcendental reality, that you desired to share your own confession of Faith, revealing your personal attitude to the religious dimension of human life.

    With my heartly greetings, God bless you.
    The Archbishop