‘Francisco Manso: Films must spotlight respect for life & human rights to foster understanding & empathy

An article of Ronita Torcato about “The Consul of Bordeaux” presented in¬†42nd International Film Festival of India, Goa

“Respect for life and human rights are¬† very important and I make movies addressing these issues because it is important for people as well as governments, not to repeat the errors of the past.” Thus spake Francisco Manso, director of ‚ÄėThe Consul of Bordeaux‚Äô the 42nd IFFI’s opening film which played to full houses at repeat screenings.
Addressing¬† a crowded media meet at the Maquinez Palace on his birthday (the Lisbon born director turned 62 on November 28)¬† Manso said¬† he¬† likes to make films on historical and social issues like slavery and capital punishment “since the remembrance of the past enables us to understand our role in the present and a proper perspective for the¬† future. For courageous persons like the Consul of Bordeaux, Aristides de Sousa Mendes, it was a question of¬† principles, of conviction, and risk-taking.”

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